Shipping Info

We have a very successful direct store drop program and can ship product directly to your stores or warehouse. We can offer you a choice of straight packs or assorted cases. To accommodate your packaging needs, we can customize your labels with information you require and place customer care tags on the product. Your orchids can also be decoratively upgraded with sleeves, clay pots, ceramics, ecologically friendly pots (Eco Pot), baskets and seasonal wraps.

Within California

We offer weekly truck delivery throughout northern and central California; from Bakersfield to Sacramento, Carmel to Napa and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Southern California and outlying areas are delivered via common carriers.

Outside California

McLellan Botanicals/Taisuco America ships via common carriers including Federal Express, UPS, and most major trucking lines. Using the chart below, you can estimate plants per box and quantity of boxes used for an order. Ask your account manager for exact box counts for each order.

PLANT GRADEPremiumSelectStandardPromoSpiking/OOB
BOX TYPEAirUprightAirUprightAirUprightAirUprightAirUpright
Oncidium, 4″22-2510-252210-252510-25
Oncidium, 5″148-15148-15188-15188-15
Misc.Call for estimate
Lilia Esqueda

Lilia Esqueda

Shipping Clerk


Adriana Alfaro

Materials Manager